Morse Wealth Management has roots dating back nearly four decades, and we’ve advised many of our clients and their families since founding partner Joseph Morse entered the industry in the late 1970s. Since day one, we’ve greatly valued the families we support. Father and son team Joseph Morse and Carlton Morse formed our advisory practice within an autonomous business environment because we believe:

  • Remaining a small, independent practice is essential for maintaining personalized relationships and a boutique level of client service.
  • Our clients deserve the resources of a major securities firm for their assets’ clearing and custody.

We feel that we’ve achieved our goals through our association with LPL Financial. Beginning with our very first client, we are proud of the relationships we have nurtured throughout the years and look forward to the new relationships we have yet to foster.


At Morse Wealth Management, you’re more than a client. We view you as an extended member of our family, receiving guidance and a lasting relationship built on insight, integrity, and trust in everything we do. Because we care greatly for clients’ wellbeing, we have built the foundation of our wealth management service on the following values:

You deserve a collaborative relationship.

As your trusted advisors, we believe our responsibility is to effectively guide you toward wise decisions where your wealth management path is ultimately yours to create — not ours. By working together, we believe you are well positioned to envision and fulfill your financial journey.

Our services should help you simplify your financial life.

Financial lives are inherently complex — and so, too, are global financial markets. Successful wealth management is hard enough on your own, let alone while keeping up with all the “noise” out there. So, our goal is to help relieve you of the confusion, emotional responses and complications by supporting you with experienced, steadfast service that helps streamline and strengthen your wealth.

Objective perspectives should guide your wealth management plan.

We respect our clients and believe we should never lead you down a path that doesn’t reflect your goals and your values. With every recommendation, we focus solely on what strategy will best help you arrive at your desired financial destination without outside bias.

Honest and open communication should guide your relationship.

We see ourselves as a guiding force, rather than a forceful guide. As such, honest, genuine and open communication is the foundation of every interaction we have with you. We take the time to listen closely to your questions and concerns, and explain wealth management concepts and strategies clearly — the moment you need them. We feel our mutual trust and regard fosters meaningful care and dependable service that helps us build and uphold our “family-like” relationships.

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