• Understand You: the Investor and Individual

    We begin by exploring your current financial details, your tolerance for risk against your goals, and the lifestyle you and your family enjoy and desire.

  • Create Your Strategic Financial Roadmap

    Next, we create a shared vision of your financial story and apply our goals-based planning to customize an investment strategy reflecting your objectives and values.

  • Implement the Journey

    With your collaborative input, we’ll implement your plan and help track your progress toward your goals throughout your financial journey.

  • Communicate Proactively

    We regularly review your plan’s progress against your family’s objectives and keep you apprised, every step of the way.


At Morse Wealth Management, we believe true financial freedom comes from economic self-sufficiency. From our perspective, the potential to achieve financial independence relies on responsibly serving as good stewards of your available resources. To do so, we believe following a disciplined, consistent process based on long-term financial principles is essential.

We see our process as similar to a well planned journey: Truly enjoying your trip requires more than choosing a location to visit. The most timeless, treasured adventures are built on a thoughtful roadmap efficiently guiding you through your desired plan of action.

From helping retirees create a consistent income flow to assisting families in preserving their wealth for future generations and beyond, we employ a strategic four-step process for every client:

Understand You — the Investor and Individual

We believe that in order to truly help you build the life you desire, we must know who you are and what values are most important to you. We’ll begin your financial journey by discussing your current financial lifestyle, your previous financial advisory experience, and your comfort-level for taking risks to pursue your goals. We also pay close attention to how well you and our professional team relate to one other. From our perspective, an interactive and honest relationship is crucial for building a plan that accurately reflects the goals and lifestyle values you care about most.

Here, we’ll engage you in the following services:

  • Conduct an initial discovery meeting
  • Gather current statements and financial documents
  • Discuss your goals, needs and priorities
  • Build your financial profiles based on your goals and objectives

Create Your Strategic Financial Roadmap

Next, we apply our goals-based planning to prepare your investment strategy. Every family we work with is unique, and as such, we custom-tailor every strategy we recommend to reflect your specific desires. With your approval, we’ll also consult with your other professional advisors — such as CPAs and attorneys — as needed. Should you have any thoughts or concerns, we’re always available to listen to you and ensure you’re comfortable with your roadmap before beginning your journey.

Here, we’ll engage you in the following services:

  • Provide disciplined goals-based planning
  • Offer comprehensive investment planning and consulting
  • Consult on pre- and post-retirement planning needs
  • Coordinate estate investment planning
  • Review education planning

Implement the Journey

Upon your approval, we will implement your wealth management plan and keep you informed every step of the way. During this time, we’re observing and assessing how well your portfolio tracks your goals. And because your life and the markets inevitably evolve, we’ll rebalance your portfolio along your financial journey, as needed.

Here, we’ll engage you in the following services:

  • Provide investment strategies that may help reduce taxes[1]
  • Employ an insurance-needs analysis for proper life, disability and long-term-care coverage[2]
  • Offer asset management planning
  • Support cash management planning
  • Track your portfolio’s progress against your goals

Communicate Proactively

We believe timely information helps clients make wiser decisions. So, as we’re assessing your portfolio against your goals, we’ll communicate these details with you. But we also respect that our clients have lives outside of our relationship and will only contact you as frequently as you desire. Together, we’ll create and abide by your Service Commitment Agreement, which outlines your preferred contact methods and frequency.

Here, we’ll engage you in the following services:

  • Monitor your portfolio’s progress
  • Provide any necessary updates and opportunities to your plan that directly impact your financial goals
  • Offer timely insight on the markets and your portfolio
  • Address any of your thoughts or questions that might arise

[1] LPL Financial and Morse Wealth Management, LLC do not provide legal or tax advice, but we as Financial Advisors will be happy to work with your chosen legal and tax advisors to help you achieve your financial goals.

[2] Products and services are offered through affiliates.

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