At Morse Wealth Management, only one focus drives our commitment as much as caring for our clients: continually fostering the community we live and work in. Not only are our business roots in Southern California, our families live here, and both partners in our father-son team, Joseph Morse and Carlton Morse, were born and raised here. So, ensuring we all care for our community is close to our hearts.

From our perspective, if you don’t give back to your community, then there’s nothing left for your community to engage in. Standing up and serving for causes we believe in helps ensure that San Diegans enjoy a vibrant lifestyle — today and for generations.

Whether volunteering for an organization or contributing in other manners, we continually believe playing an active part in improving, revitalizing and nurturing our local region is a responsibility we must uphold — and we are proud to do so with every opportunity.


Joe and Carlton both serve on the Board of Directors for the Mission Trails Regional Park Foundation. Considered by many to be the “third jewel” in the City of San Diego Park System, Mission Trails Regional Park spans nearly 5,800 acres of natural and developed recreational land and is only eight miles northeast of Downtown San Diego.

Mission Trails Regional Park was created by and for the community. In the early 1970s, Cowles Mountain was slated for residential development. Worried about the development’s impact on the community, San Diego residents petitioned to preserve the land, and in 1974, the City of San Diego officially designated this area as Mission Trails Regional Park.

As the site of the original Old Mission Dam built by Franciscan missionaries in 1816 for the Mission San Diego de Alcala, Mission Trails Regional Park is an historic and environmental gem, providing visitors over 40 miles of trails for hiking, boat access, horseback riding, camping and more. The natural oasis reflects a San Diego prior to Cabrillo’s landing in San Diego Bay in 1542. We believe preserving the land offers our community incredible access to outdoor recreation and history, while helping to ensure we consistently maintain one of our country’s largest parks as a legacy for generations of nature lovers to enjoy.


Joe’s experience with the Mission Trails Regional Park Foundation Board of Directors dates back to the mid-1970s, when he served as an alternate representative on the Mission Trails Regional Park Citizens Advisory Committee and as a County of San Diego Parks and Recreation Committee member. When a vacancy occurred on the Foundation’s Board of Directors in 1996, Joe filled the spot, subsequently being elected President of the Board of Directors in 1998 — a position he still holds today.

Carlton joined the Board of Directors in 2004 after serving in other volunteer capacities for the Foundation, and also serves as a chair/member of multiple Foundation committees. In addition, he avidly enjoys the park, frequently hiking Cowles Mountain, which is the City of San Diego’s highest point.

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